Increase Your Webinar Attendance (Best Practices)

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Increase Your Webinar Attendance

Webinars are one of the most effective demand generation tools when done right. Why is that true? It is because you get a room full (virtually) of qualified prospects who want to be there to hear and see the content provided on a topic which you control. They are a captive, qualified audience. That is not an easy thing to accomplish as an in-person event. Of course, the part of that original statement that is most important is “when done right.” Let’s take a look at some of the webinar best practices you should consider to create a webinar event that will product the best results.

Create an Educational Opportunity instead of a Sales Pitch

Your sales team may view a webinar as the perfect venue for selling. If that view prevails, you are likely to be extremely disappointed. The first goal of any webinar should be to educate prospects. Use your knowledge of your prospect’s pain points and needs to deliver educational content such as:

  • insight into industry changes
  • assistance in avoiding costly mistakes
  • best practices on creating a path to a solution
  • understanding of key technologies that will drive decisions
  • case studies that demonstrate how similar customers created valuable solutions


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Pointed Out – Be Transparent or Disappear

Manuel Yanez, CEO of Vosman Branders is a brand evangelist, marketing and brand equity professional. He believes that media has changed drastically and brand building through traditional media is now less effective as new opportunities have emerged. Digital media and the democratization of information are the main challenges facing brands today.

Digital has to be considered as part of the media mix. Brands, agencies and everybody have been immersed in Social Media and the web for more than a decade. The way people and companies interact changed radically and the only way to take advantage of it is to integrate marketing and communication strategies from one single point of view: Where is our target audience and how are they interacting with media.

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Pointed Out – How To Create Engagement With Customer Flow

Most articles present Customer Journey as a given fact. They presume customers are happy with their purchasing journey. However this blog posts refutes that.  The overload of information has made shopping complex and a solution is needed. This blog post from Ger Van Den Buijs (a cofounder of, the platform to facilitate customer flow within your site) outlines his analysis in 5 views with a detailed explanation for each. He presents graphics that build up to new understanding of the customer journey what he calls “Customer Flow”.

  1. Hygiene view
  2. Customer view
  3. Market view
  4. Customer flow view
  5. Purchasing Detour view

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Marketing in the New World – new purpose, new skills

marketing targets 200In the first post on this topic, “Marketing in the new world – the cheese is moved,” I covered the first marketing new world order (my term) that states: that technology has completely and radically changed the way your potential and existing customers engage with and purchase from your company.

Your prospects don’t have to rely on sales personnel to gain the information they need early in the buying process to shape their needs and requirements. However, the second marketing new world order is ALL about making that happen anyway –

The spoils will go to the suppliers who commit to engaging customers on their terms – the supplier who can leverage marketing to drive that engagement to sales.

You’d like to believe that EVERY single sales person is ensuring that they get in early and influence prospects as they consider what they need and build a list of requirements. For existing customers, the truth is this may or may not happen based on the quality of the sales person’s efforts. But for prospects you don’t even know and have not yet even raised their hand as a lead, marketing, not sales, is the key to driving earlier engagement. (more…)

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Pointed Out – Which Metric Should I Care More About: Traffic or Conversion?

Analyzing data has become a major component of marketing strategy. Could you imagine performing marketing duties without analyzing metrics to make sure you are reaching your goals? Of course not. Tracking however, goes beyond gathering results. It’s also important to analyze if you are using and collecting the data in the best way.

Two measurements that are extremely important are Traffic and Conversion. The one you care for more is the one you need the most. If customer awareness is an issue driving in traffic is what you should focus on. If sales are low and want to increase them focusing on conversion should be the top priority.

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Pointed Out – How to Uncover a B2B Brand Voice That Isn’t Boring

“Playing it safe” when writing about your brand could default into something boring. This being because many brands explain what they do and what they offer. To the point where many of theses brands’ sites feel the same and look boring. It does not have to be this way there is another way. Unhappy and unsure in how to improve it though? Don’t fret, your brand’s voice is already there. All you have to do is simply uncover it, and define it with a set of rules to so that anyone who writes about the company can follow.

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Pointed Out – The Basics of B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

Can your business tie social channels to revenue generation? If so then keep doing what you are doing, if not this article is for you. The problem may arise from measurement or with setting the wrong objectives for social media marketing. But it may also be a problem with basic B2B social media marketing strategy. If you’re not sure your strategy is on track—or not sure what your company’s social media marketing strategy is—hopefully this post can help. The post covers a wide array of strategies that could definitely help anyone who is in need of a social media marketing strategy.

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Marketing in the new world – the cheese is moved

my cheese is movedYour “marketing” cheese got moved and I am writing to help you find it. To that end, here are the two things your organization must embrace in terms of sales and marketing in this new technology-driven world.

Technology has completely and radically changed the way your potential and existing customers engage with and purchase from your company.

The spoils will go to the suppliers who commit to engaging customers on their terms – the supplier who can leverage marketing to drive that engagement to sales.

Effective selling, shaping what customers want to buy

The most effective B2B sales person seeks to engage with a customer early in the buying process. This is a given. This is the “gold” of sales where a sales person can actually shape the customer’s needs, provide information that leads that customer towards the solution that the sales person represents, and certainly impact any request for proposal by guiding the customer on requirements.


Pointed Out – 11 Dos and Don’ts for Your Video Content Marketing

Great quick read for anyone considering video contentbored (or as a refresher for some of you that have already gone down that road). These are tips that I promise will save you from making key mistakes and spare you some pain in learning the hard way. Sure, there is some you expect – like “Don’t think a long video will impress your audience.” – but others are things I can promise you haven’t thought of unless you made that mistake before. Thank you Digital Doughnut for this one!

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Pointed Out – Landing Page vs. Home Page

The issue of using a home pages vs. landing pages as the destination for marketing campaigns, specifically in the area of AdWord (PPC) campaigns is actually one of the more common obstacles to lead conversion that I encounter. It actually still surprises me when I find a digital ad that links directly to a home page. Why am I surprised?

The article “Why a Landing Page Converts More than a Homepage?” provides a simple and direct discussion on this topic and even uses something very universal in the explanation – a restaurant menu and the “specials” flyer that you might find inserted in that menu.

You can read the full article here.


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