Which Conversion Attribution Model is Best for You?

In this day and age it isn’t uncommon to find a diverse mix of channels and tactics in demand generation and marketing plans, and this is to be expected as each tactic has different strengths and weaknesses. The big question for marketers, however, is how to demonstrate how these diverse tactics effect conversions or e-commerce sales.

The answer to this big question is conversion attribution modeling or methodology– which we can define as a set of […]

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The One-Person B2B Marketing Department Playbook – Chapter 4 – Marketing Investments You Can’t Skip

Chapter 4: The Stuff You can’t Skip (just because you lack resources)

As a one-person marketing department (or small staff), there is likely a very real tension between moving to execute campaigns/tactics that are quite visible to the rest of the company and those internal marketing investments that are foundational to delivering the quality and results for those campaigns/tactics. I get it. Your management team wants to measure every dollar you spend. However, an important part […]

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The One-Person B2B Marketing Department Playbook – Introduction

This B2B Marketing Playbook (series of articles and then a real book) is designed specifically to cover the unique challenges that one-person (or small staff) marketers face. The end goal is to accelerate the overall process enabling you to deliver all of the full-service marketing deliverables required to drive sales success for your business.

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The One-Person B2B Marketing Department Playbook – Chapter 1 – Taking Inventory

As a one-person (or small staff) B2B marketing shop, the logical place to start is to map out (take inventory of) the current knowledge and skills you can competently bring to the table yourself, the knowledge and skills you believe you should learn to provide yourself, and then those that you are willing to outsource to ensure the success of your marketing efforts. Taking inventory is the first step in the B2B Marketing Playbook.

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The One-Person B2B Marketing Department Playbook – Chapter 2 – Filling the Gaps

With your inventory scores in hand (see Pre-requisite Work), we are ready to talk about how you can examine your scores and start considering what will be a priority in hiring (as budget allows) or outsourcing to accomplish your marketing mission as you progress. The good news is that you have both internal and external sources of knowledge and skills to fill gaps for you along the way. Below we will review these source options following the inventory form categories and then discuss priorities in terms of what you might consider first as you build your team and capabilities.

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The One-Person B2B Marketing Playbook – Chapter 3 – Defining What Success Will Look Like

Chapter 3: Defining What Success Will Look Like

As a one-person (or small group) marketing department, it is even more crucial for you to get it right as quickly as possible in order to inspire confidence, get more budget, and grow your marketing investments and success for the company. You can’t hide behind much when it’s just you. Amazingly enough, I have discovered that in marketing groups of all sizes, one of the fundamental holes has […]

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Increase Your Webinar Attendance (Best Practices)

Increase Your Webinar Attendance

Webinars are one of the most effective demand generation tools when done right. Why is that true? It is because you get a room full (virtually) of qualified prospects who want to be there to hear and see the content provided on a topic which you control. They are a captive, qualified audience. That is not an easy thing to accomplish as an in-person event. Of course, the part of that original […]

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Pointed Out – Be Transparent or Disappear

Manuel Yanez, CEO of Vosman Branders is a brand evangelist, marketing and brand equity professional. He believes that media has changed drastically and brand building through traditional media is now less effective as new opportunities have emerged. Digital media and the democratization of information are the main challenges facing brands today.

Digital has to be considered as part of the media mix. Brands, agencies and everybody have been immersed in Social Media and the web for […]

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Pointed Out – How To Create Engagement With Customer Flow

Most articles present Customer Journey as a given fact. They presume customers are happy with their purchasing journey. However this blog posts refutes that.  The overload of information has made shopping complex and a solution is needed. This blog post from Ger Van Den Buijs (a cofounder of FiveDolphins.com, the platform to facilitate customer flow within your site) outlines his analysis in 5 views with a detailed explanation for each. He presents graphics that build up […]

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Marketing in the New World – new purpose, new skills

In the first post on this topic, “Marketing in the new world – the cheese is moved,” I covered the first marketing new world order (my term) that states: that technology has completely and radically changed the way your potential and existing customers engage with and purchase from your company.

Your prospects don’t have to rely on sales personnel to gain the information they need early in the buying process to shape their needs and […]

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